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Regular Pool Maintenance is Necessary to Prevent Algae

If you have your own swimming pool, Swimming pool maintenance have to be easiest, when properly maintain your pool will make it last longer and be an enjoyful place for family fun.


April 4, 2013 | 7:34 AM Comments  {num} comments

Hire Professional Pool Cleaner for Swimming pool maintenance

It is very simple to erect a swimming pool at the place you want to but after sometime it becomes extremely hard to keep it maintained up to the standards that are essential for a swimming pool. Some useful tips for maintain swimming pool. Guidelines for pools water free from algae.

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March 19, 2013 | 2:03 AM Comments  {num} comments

Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Cleaner for Algae in Pool

It is very hard to prevent developing algae in pool. These are in fact plants which consist of only one cell. It becomes a problem when these cells form a colony and water will turn into an ugly green colour. Nobody desires to keep those ugly algae from developing into the water systems. Pool cleaners like algi block play an important role in removing algae from pool, ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and water tanks.

With the proper tools and pool cleaners, maintaining of a pool is very simple. You will require a filter system, skimmer, vacuum, pump, and chemicals like algi block. It is very essential to have a good circulation system so that chemicals you to clean the algae in pool can spread easily throughout the entire pool. It also helps to filter out dirt and debris from water.

If water is sitting for too long in the pool, it will accumulate algae in pool. Just by adding some basic chemicals, you can prevent this. While handling chlorine or other chemical, you should be careful as it can cause injury to yourself. Always read pool cleaner manufactures' instructions about how to safely use chemicals in your pool.

It is also essential to check the chlorine level frequently so that you can keep your pool clean forever. To maintain the proper level of it, you can also contact manufacturer. With algi block, you can maintain the pH level of water in pool. This is only required once at every six months. By using this for algae in pool, you only have to add the small amount of chlorine for sanitising.

Source: http://poolcleanersmelbourne.blogspot.com/2013/02/choosing-best-swimming-pool-cleaner-for.html

February 8, 2013 | 4:50 AM Comments  {num} comments

Pool Care Using the Best Anti Algae Chemicals

A swimming pool in the house sounds like a whole lot of fun, especially when you think of hours of swimming. To get more fun, it is essential to keep the pool water clean and safe for you and your family to swim in. There is certain regular pool care which requires to be carried out as far the swimming pool is concerned. There is no real danger to carry out this; if you have time and energy, you can also carry out this. In order to make sure that the pool contains clean water, you should concentrate on using anti algae chemical and chlorine for pool to maintain the chemical balance and remove the foreign particles and debris from it.

Daily pool care involves water surface cleaning. A lot of dust gets floated on the water surface if you have an open pool. Ensure that your pool is sparkling clean if you have kids using it. The second most important thing is to check pH level. Alkalinity or acidic water can lead to damage to the equipments as well as swimmers. Dosing of chlorine for pool is also an essential activity as it helps to prevent formation of algae, micro organisms from breeding and also helps to disinfect water. In any swimming pool, a perfect water circulation and filtration system is an absolute requirement. Ensure to clean the filters on a daily basis and also make sure that the pumps are working in proper condition.

Getting rid of the dirt

Dirt in the pool affects the pH balance as well as giving an unpleasant look to it. That’s why; it becomes necessary to remove all the dirt and debris from pool at first with your regular pool care program. You can use a skimmer basket or net for this purpose. Besides this, constantly check for the algae symptoms.

Maintaining the ideal pH levels

The pH level in the pool must be between 7.2 and 7.8. Too high pH level indicates the alkalinity. This means you have to add muriatic acid or sodium bisulphate to lower it. Once you have added such chemicals, the water needs to be stabilised for 2 to 3 days. You can use alkaline and anti algae chemicals in only small amounts. Alkaline chemicals should be used approximately 2 pounds in 10,000 gallons of water. Prior to adding any more, you should allow it to circulate for 3 to 4 hours.

Besides the daily pool care, some weekly schedules also need to be considered to make sure that you and your family members are utilising a healthy pool. You can make use of metal out chemicals and clarifiers in proper dosages to combat metal infested and cloudy water. When you use chlorine for water, some chlorine compounds get suspended in it; you can break down them by shocking pool water. Prevent algae formation by adding anti algae chemicals. Contaminated pool water can be very hazardous to the users and the house. So, a pool owner should also consider a professional Pool cleaner agency to carry out monthly inspection for checking hygiene standards and water quality.

I write this article about swimming pool chemicals and pool cleaner in Australia. Get More information to remove algae and algae removal visit: http://www.magicpools.com

January 21, 2013 | 6:16 AM Comments  {num} comments

Factors Inducing the Growth of Algae in Pool

Do you love swimming? You might even have a swimming pool in your backyard, right? If you love having a great time with your kids, then swimming would be a great choice. Every child loves to play in the water and every adult like swimming as it can be even good for physical fitness. Having swimming pool in your residential surrounding can be considered as one of the best luxuries one could afford in their life. It would be a great decision favoured by kids as they would go crazy behind splashing water in the sparkling pool with their friends and siblings. However, it would be also essential to keep the pool water clean and clear from algae attack. Algae in pool are common troubling problem faced by many pool owners. This greenish slime would make the water look cloudy and ugly, thereby taking away the fun of your favourite outdoor entertainment. If you are thinking about the methods to eliminate pool algae and retain clear pool water, then read on the article.

There are several methods used to eliminate pool algae, however you should know why they appear on your pool sides. For better results and clear pool water, it would be effective to treat the root cause so that you can prevent its growth. Divided into three types, green, black and yellow are three types of pool algae that build up on the sides. It occurs because of disproportionate chlorine, pH, alkalinity and calcium levels. Chlorine level of pool water should be in a safe range of 1 to 3 ppm, pH level 7.2 to 7.6, alkalinity 80 to 120 ppm and calcium hardness from 200 to 350. Whenever there is a deviation from these standard levels, it would induce the growth of algae in pool. Additionally if there are any shady areas, means stagnant water, it would also lead to this disgusting greenish problem.Typically green algae grow in sides, black in small slits and yellow in floor which looks like dirt. If you need to eliminate pool algae, then you have to bring back the chlorine and pH levels for clear pool.

Brush the sides of the pool as you start the process of removing algae in pool. It should be done hardly enough to break up that organic matter. Soon after brushing, it is time to run a chlorine shock treatment to eliminate pool algae. The shock should be given in a heavy manner with highly concentrated chlorine so that the chlorine level gets elevated. Higher chlorine level in water means, organic things can’t survive further. So it would break the algae through chemical power and thereby making pool clear from green patches. Don’t think that your work is completed after the chlorine shock treatment. You have to apply algaecide so it would prevent the growth of algae in pool for a specific time period. Sanitizing products like algaestats can hold back the growth of organic things. Get rid of the green icky stuff and let your pool look crystal clear.

I write this article about swimming pool chemicals and supply. Swimming pool cleaner and chemicals by Magic Pools is the perfect solution for Algae in the pool.


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